Chasing Tequila Sunrise

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Rob Dougan “Chateau”

Some think this fatal beauty, others live to see the beast
Some choose to call me cutie, others free me from my leash
The halo bids to fit, yet it is devil horns that suit me best
Best dressed to impress upon minds blind, resigned to duty

Never less than most expressive as I pose a fresh perspective
Irrespective of the pestilence hell-bent on running through me
Please look up reflective in your Oxford dictionaries
You will see there a reflection of yours truly

Hook up to the best of me, correct me when unruly
Then sweat out every bulletin profusely
Chemically imbalanced, yet ever dressed in the ascendancy
Build yourselves a rich wealth of dependency

No sympathy for devils, yet never less than empathy
Relentlessly, I yield surreal and feel I do so credibly
This person suit is edible
Last give a fuck is skeletal
Yet, never less expendable
Whence blest within the vestibule
With timing most impeccable, sharp pain became dispensable
Facilities correctional, divinity…well… questionable

Some think me beauty while others a beast
Never once broody on release of deceased
Absolutely not a fluke as wonders never cease
Once you take that skin deep beauty, tear asunder like a beast

Ever set to plunder, echoes vesting retrospective thunder
Lightning striking twice as that’s two times greykeeper’s number
Fused within one fiendish skin, this beast no longer slumbers
Wishes to proceed with cleaving teeth to feed the hunger
Feast upon the marrow of each token broken arrow
Fakes not shooting straight as their intentions are debatable

Breaking the convention, taking back each forced regression
Realigning the design tools and then ruling the exception
Great minds think alike and these twin flames are burning bright
Sometimes it’s a grey day, others pitched in blackest night
This custom fit goes way beneath skin-tight

Some elect to call the shots, while others opt to run the gauntlet
Should you possess a voice of choice, then why the fuck not flaunt it
No such thing as cannot, that’s an iron maiden corset
Defeat the beaten word absurd, divorce it

Sunny forecast long disbarred, pending further investigation
Everyone’s a Weinstein through the eyes of tabloid chasers
Now there are predators and predators
Bottom-feeders and their editors
Optimists and pessimists
Shifting shapes midst yellow mist

The whole fucking point has been disjointed, then missed
Letting the vaguest of gist make its getaway quick
Way too many chefs in the kitchen, none listening
Waving fists as mouse traps commence flipping

Not that I am tripping here but what the fuck is giving
Who wound up with back pain and who snagged themselves the cheese
Think I shall abstain this time from dropping to my knees
Maybe rise relentless, make my own fucking cheese

greykeeper goes deeper and I am cheaper than the dozen
More to say with twinned flame than Puerto Rican second cousins
Murder in the first, one side significant to other
One part Jack the Ripper
Willing victim in the other

Have waltzed this waltz before, many times in many lives
And on nights not unlike this, get to see this bang to rights
Something wicked this way comes, look deep into these eyes
And as the lily doth unfurl, discern the cosmos deep inside

Some tend to think too much, others never quite enough
Some pretend to call the shots and I am calling out their bluff
Swooping in spread-taloned as I live for the snuff
Empowering voice from the voiceless… and stuff

Towering, showering friendly attack
Grab what you can then come back for the crack
Pour me a Jack and then make that a double
How ’bout straight razor for that three-day-old stubble
Cutting to the chase to spite the face of tasteless wasters
Baiting us in manner ostentatious

Damn right, I’m tenacious
Chapel Black and contagious
Fucking cannibal, skin trader
Fazing out all stage invaders

Chasing stardust with a rolled up note
The universe then swung the vote
No longer terse, I span the hearse
Fucked the blessing, ducked the curse

Beauty or beast
Screw the math
You decide
And feel free to do your worst
Better yet
Take this verse
Taste its worth
Drink it down
Think it over
Figure out
Just how shit applies to you and break your very best selves out
Then how about you pour yourselves another
Courtesy of greykeeper
And I’ll be seeing you at the next Tequila sunrise

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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