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I was there
I was there on that fresh October morning
When your mother held you adoringly to her chest for the very first time
Bursting with rose-red hearts from her cheeks just for you
While your father watched on with the most tremendous swell of love and of pride
There was bright light all about them as they rejoiced your grand arrival
And you, brightest of all
Dancing in their eyes like an ocean of stardust does shimmer
I was there
And you shone like nothing before I ever had seen


I was there on the golden sands the very first time you learned how to fly
Soared above your father’s head
Eyes wide and toes spread as he swung you ever higher
Wearing your smile made of diamonds
Wings at full span and still climbing
Little heart beating wild like a drum in your chest
Life was an adventure
And, with your hands in his, you had nothing to fear
I was there
And I knew one day you would fly once again


I was there when you first tamed the wild west
In crooked lipstick and a cowboy hat
They called you “The Kid”
You were known wide and far for your gunslinging skills
Blazing fiery trails in the sweet by and by
Singing your Texas Lullaby with yellow roses in each eye
I was there
And saw an angel out on the range that very sunrise


I was there when this angel’s trail first blazed the asphalt
Three wheels swiftly became two
Training wheels just as quickly bid adieu
And when you took the wheel of your father’s truck
You knew what to do
I knew too
For I was right there
At the vanishing point alongside you


I was there when you laid your first brick
Sat there on the front porch
In your dandelion dress
Paving like a little pro
Perfectionist even way back then
And such you did achieve
I know this
For I was there softly stroking your silken black hair
While learning a thing or two myself


I was there
When you first let your monster out to play
Mischievous undoubtedly
A dash devious perhaps, but never unaccountably
You were nobody’s fool
But everybody’s favorite monster
We all have our monster
Sometimes they lurk beneath our beds and others in our heads
I was there as yours milled about the glowing light
As though a moth in London fog at night
As I remember it, the streets of Whitechapel wore a rather stiff chill on that particular night


I was there
For every single time you have dazzled someone’s day with the rays of joie de vivre from your crystalline heart
Folk flock towards you like geese along a flyway
Migrating to the warm place of your smile made of diamonds
For it offers solace
Like a river it runs with pride and purpose
I should know
I am there just now
Indeed, the ripple in the water it does give me away


I was there
And each and every last flawless piece of you I hold now in these devoted arms of mine
Has reminded me of that
Has taken me back to that fresh October morning
When your mother held you in her arms for the very first time
While your father watched on with the most magnificent swell of pride
There was bright light all about your dear parents as they rejoiced your grand arrival
And then there was you, brightest of all
You shine like nothing before the universe ever has seen
You do, to me


I am here
Shall remain so for always and a day
Hopelessly lost but then never more found than in these precious memories of you
On the richest golden sands with your most handsome hands tight in mine
And boy, oh boy
Can you fly




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  1. This highly emotional piece just ecplodes with love and adoration. Heart bursting pride and memories. Makes me think of times with dad as a kid. All echoes perfectly for me personally. Excellent work!!!

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