Switchblade Symphony

Title art by Robin Isely. Closing art by Rodger Pister. Click images to visit their studios.

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Enigma “Celia (Instrumental)”

With razor wire smile
She defiles
Cuts to the chase
With precision and pace
For sufficient embrace
To make for very gravest composition

In-between the vertebrae and shoulder blades
She flays the flesh from bone
Plays a game so wicked it is barely even known
On a sticky wicket if you head out in the thicket with the sneakiest suspicion you will ever make it home
Should She care not for your tone
Then be aware you’re on your own
For She would never once condone the kind of audience you seek
Let’s just say that things appear decidedly bleak
Listen out for floorboards as they creak
Could this force of reckoning be beckoning retreat
Could be any second
Could be halfway through next week
Fleeing from the scene could see a thousand woes betide you
Run like hell
Should you wish
But know this
‘Tis a road She knows well
Hide and seek’s her game
She may already be inside you

Something blue to tide you over
Something hollowed
Something borrowed
Nothing much ado about tomorrows
Stinging lips with clover tongue
Every kiss of blister spun
Every whisper stripped of thrum
To frig with ’til She shivers, cums
Dripping bloody honey in the river as it runs
And all the while
Her smile defiles
To see you come undone

That chill in your veins
Faint tap upon your window pane
The air and breath of death’s decay
Bears signature to her domain

With razor wire smile
Worn as scythe upon her face
Death is graced its ultimate revision
Cutting straight to the chase
With precision and pace
Each excision is laced
With sufficient embrace
To make for very gravest composition
Make it through the night?
Alas, She doesn’t share your vision

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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