Da Nation



Artwork by MassiveFaceArt aka Rob Bowyer


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808 State “In Yer Face”





Staring at the screen
Hearing them scream
Live evisceration
Drawn out exsanguation
Is that actual self-immolation?


Terrorism in high definition
Epic shotgun slow motion
ISIS Cubs of the Caliphate
Hone their knife skills on goats
Ready to slit those kidnapped throats


Uploading from worn out Nokias
Flip-flopped pointers, our unsung heroes
Google atrocities, carnage and chaos
Suicides and rape from your safe little sofas
Yet “Smoking kills”, hmm people do too
System, what the fuck is wrong with you?


Meanwhile in Cloud Cuckoo Land
There’s ostriches with their heads in the sand
Hate crime to speak out
Love to all! Let’s celebrate!
Masturbate to the diversity!
Identity crisis, no more Rule Britannia!


Gangsta affiliations
Hooded young generation
You see being bad is good
In da neighbourhood
Jeans down their arse
Cos they’re everyone’s bitch


What’s happened to our nation?
With this moral asphyxiation
God must cringe at his creation
Start Wars for a New Hope
Just fucking Hell… Literally





Sharon Lawson





© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™




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