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Japan “Ghosts”

a ghostly apparition
filled me up with superstition
while my heart was recommissioned
to the night
on the long road to perdition
i made kindly acquisition
now i stand in recognition
of the light

for its kindly proposition repositioned my delight
as it reached into my fissure
not one time didst i affright
and as the bleeding quickened
my blood thickened to defy
the kind of spill that sickened stricken eyes

a ghostly apparition
glanced across my private chamber
deliberate this stranger
of the shadows long estranged
my tired eyes acclimatized
to find reliant range
and as these bridges burned
i turned the page

there were eyes without a face
yet my fingertips bid trace
every contour of a dream that fiendish nightmares chased away
with one final sweet embrace
i lifted veil of rotted lace
breathed within the air of change
’twas then the winter came apace
the chill of loss on frozen lakes
appeared to lift
as did the mist
in midst of one permissive kiss goodnight

walked through the valley in shadow of death
my breathing was shallow
’twas one sole breath left
my cuirass was flayed and my armour well cleft
yet scars appeared to be the dearest relics i had kept
the angels wept
their curdled tears
while i redressed resurgent years
and deep within internal gears
each beat sincere caressed
my heart then threatened to burst through my chest
each artery reddened in thirst to digress
from the curse that averted my eyes from that blessed
with the faith of the blind
and inclined to molest

a ghostly apparition
filled me up with proposition
while my heart was decommissioned
of its blight
on the long road to perdition
i made soulfelt acquisition
now i stand in full permission
of the light

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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