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Aimee Mann “Rollercoasters”





Is this seat taken?
Would you mind if I join you on this ride?
Tell you what, I’ll take your hand
And cling on ever tightly
Refusing to let go as we proceed to hit top speed and cross the tracks in most enrapturing of fashions
Wherever that might lead
Will be right here by your side, your hand in mine upon thine knee


You really are a magnificent creature
Don’t mind me, I just say what I see
Should be on our way in a moment, maybe three, and waiting patiently is not the only thing to do
Not when I am sat here, next to you
Not when I glance over and your eyes speak only truth
Not when I can helm a rollercoaster in your honor
Not when one loose screw could see the pair of us as goners
Not that risk assessment is a measure to be taken
Deaths are most infrequent, once we brace ourselves, thrill seeking wealth intoxicating
Every time Big Dipper rises
We comprise a single shape
Hand-in-hand, in grand embrace
We face each fear exhilarated
Peering over wastelands blooming
Doubling back upon both rack and ruin
Moving at a rate of knots forget-me-nots remember
Climbing ever higher like a forest fire from amber embers
Never letting go as possibilities are endless
Twists and bends before us, giving rhythm full consensus
Track now looping
Blackout looming
Here comes blindness
Leap with faith
Don’t forget, I have your hand
Shall hold on tight the entire way
Feel the heartbeat in your chest
Feel the same in mine
We comprise a single shape
For this moment in time


Soon, we shall return to motion
Toast our photo finish
Howbeit, first and foremost
A little toast of my own, if I may be so bold
There is a light in thee that blackest night could not diminish
My one wish for you this day
Is simply taking that away
Wide asleep while making waking life your daisy chain
Sand between your toes as you stroll barefoot through the seaweed
Coasting on the waves of being infinitely seen
And every time Big Dipper rises
Hold on tight, comprise a single shape
See you in the theme park of sweet dreams



ยฉ Copyright: greykeeper โ„ข Chapel Black โ„ข




    1. You are so very welcome Roxanna and thank you for coming along to the Rivers and taking the time to comment. Adore when people do as the words are here forever. ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒน

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