La sangre que sube

Title art by Rimel Neffati. Click image to visit her studio.

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John Powell “Assassin’s Tango”

Let the games commence…

Lights dim
Spotlight singes the fringe of our collective silhouette
Glares with debonair as we prepare
To dance the tango.

Held close as we begin to turn, I discern her natural aroma
So much so that it lubricates my retinas
And she smiles at her beckoning reflection within them
Eye contact
No mere token of passing ships in the night
Not a single word spoken
With anything other than eyes
And they are most vocal
Focal points to the entire universe
For within them, it resides
Gliding akin to fine silk mist as we spin like gossamer around the eye of an infinite needle
She is bleeding from the lips
As am I
Yet, neither one of us leans in for the critical kiss
Not yet
Not until time
I would die to feel her lips against mine
And she could snuff me out in nary the blink of an unblinking eye
Should contract have been signed
Ours is unspoken
One kiss before dying
One tango the likes of which can and shall stand any test of space and/or time
Stand testament to the fire in her eyes
And the twin flame in mine
Her silenced pistol charms my inner thigh
And luck be a lady tonight
I am wet for the prospect of killing time arriving
Just to feel the purity of her weapon inside me
To caress the alloy
Wide-eyed and coy
As decoy to the towering inferno that rages in time with the pulse in my thigh
If I am to die
Then please, make it quick
For I wish to be kissed back to life
With tips of slender fingers lingering on mine
Safe within strong arms designed to cradle every Argentine desire to start a fire
Much like the one getting high on the fumes of our signature move
The one thing assassins secretly strive for
To love something too much to cock the trigger
Less it be well-timed
Line of sight be both ways
And the roulette wheel find peace at either red or black
I know precisely where my chips are stacked
Awaiting the river
Anticipating a gusher
While liberating Mother Russia
Heavens lucky sevens, do I love her
She bends a perfect ten into eleven
Just by touching it
And another thing that rings my bell is that hell hath no fury like the one that swells in her eyes
The ultimate first prize for our fiery tango this night
Scores are unanimous
Flawless elevens across the board
In victory, we remain magnanimous of course
Ever dignified as we glide ever closer to the eye of the storm
Should current form be taken into custody, then surely this must be proceeded with caution
Perhaps, should one be a server
The other in construction
Howbeit, the tango offers far more informal an introduction
Hair is down
Guard high, merely for purpose of posturing
No impostor in this hold
Two assassins, one goal
To dance once again in the close-fitting skin they parade within like they did many lifetimes ago
And shall do for many lifetimes to come
Burning up like the heart of the sun as it yearns for the chant of a silent movie moon
Soon, this tango will draw to a close
And when it does
Only one of us shall take a bow
While applause within the ballroom shakes foundations to the ground
Fashioning ovation from the ashes
Passionately embracing the cleanest hit ever led through dance
Howbeit, should you be extra perceptive
Look out for the fire in the eyes of the victor
As they skip across shed skin no longer desired
Then luck be a particularly plucky señorita on this night
For the endgame is ever after
Twin flame, it never dies
And besides, I can feel her muzzle loader as it probes my inner thigh

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. Then pucker up Koala as there’s a big one coming your way right now… with complimentary cherry sprinkles and eucalyptus.

      1. I’m behind but catching up. Not online for long periods now due to poor health. I am reading once per day other social media. I’m getting there.

  1. Two assassins, one goal
    To dance once again in the close-fitting skin they parade within like they did many lifetimes ago

    A devastatingly STUNNING piece Lion, one of my new favourites. So much touched my soul here, especially the above.

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