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Pure love and just that
This is all I am and it is all that I reflect
Those who know my soul will be aware which way it’s dressed
Disagree entirely with the concept more is less
At least, with matters of soul
For essence of spirit is infinite when lending unending unbending address


Nothing left pending, pretending or tending dissent
Nothing lamenting impression of life any less than inventively spent
We are not present to toil and repent
Trend to neglect for that which we may never actually fully comprehend
Should we be content with not possessing all the answers
Then we can reinvent ourselves and leave the rest to chance
Bitter ends then sweeten
With beginnings less inclined to set the scene
Once we find the one place in-between
Some place we are never any less than truly seen


We are only human
Prone to self-doubt as it creeps in and seeps in to keep us impeded from ever fully blooming
Grooming mistrust as we crush the hopes and dreams of those we cannot see for repeatedly losing
Under false illusion backing off is the solution
Forecasting the bleakest of conclusions
Best to test seclusion and allow the dissolution of the only thing that’s proven to be true
That three words, I love you, mean a thousand more besides when clouded thoughts are set aside for cloudless view


Boundless pride soon comes unglued at such time as you realize that those who idolized no longer do
Would be unwise, should need arise to penalize and demonize, to take for granted that which foolish pride denies you ever put them through
Should it all be about you, then love can never be pursued
Less expressed through self-possession in transgression of delusion


Grass is always greener once we fixate pastures new
Familiarity will tend to breed contempt when unduly overspent of the intention to renew
It takes two, no question
Not to mention apprehension of retention of the tension in detention as we tend to hit up cruise control


Barrel roll each time R-Kelly tells us we can fly
Okay, poor example
Said the spider to the fly
However, clear blue skies present the vested glow of sunrise to attest that flight can truly be achieved
Provided we sufficiently believe
That love can breach the skies when it’s supplied by those proposing glide who mean it


I do
If I tell you that I love you
Then it may be wise to clear your diary for the rest of time as I’m a loving kind of guy with keenest eye for something true
Cannot tell a lie as I ran out way back at river blind
Having been obliged to rebaptize my fevered mind
Made an oath and broke a cycle stretching back to childhood
Took off both my socks and shoes and waded in barefoot just like a child would


No more lies or secrets
Not a single word unspoken
If I tell you that I love you
Then you had best believe that this some way exceeds mere token


Arms wide open
Silence broken
High emotion
Nothing hopeless
Devoted to a cause we rid of hidden clause to simply feel adored
And do so in return
More so, should we truly learn the meaning of an inner flame so many fail discern


Show me pure love
I’ll swiftly double it, compose to go above and far beyond to show you just how much I mean it
Attempt to call my bluff and you’re a shit ton out of luck as I never once dodged bullet, never ever ducked beneath it
To which degree depends on sense of feeling as I misspent way too many bitter moons senselessly reeling


Time for games is zero
Less than that once factored in the snatching and dispatching of passion flowers posed as lifetime heroes
Ain’t got time to waste on love that can’t remain the distance
Something that requires my full persistence just to glisten
I wish to see each diamond sparkle prior to unseen debacle
Then I’ll give my all
To see you marvel at the view


Should sword have been unsheathed, my shield proceeded then to raise
Then I’m the first to level out the playing field
Put in place fresh harvest in request that light and shade parade together with blind faith that one fine day we may just raise its yield
Never ever too late as I am pure love at first date and very same at close of play, such is my way of supernature


Deal in souls
Not stealing souls
Revealing goals
Not heaping coals
In keeping with a soul exposed to say no to competing roles


I am pure love
Just that
Not one thing less
Give blessing to impress return
The flame in me will never cease to burn
To live
To learn
To give
Not take
To spirit us away to the magic tree quite clearly never nearly quite so faraway as cynics cling to claim


Screw the treadmill
That’s a dead mill
Simply ain’t got time to waste
Far too many dreams to chase
And lost souls to embrace
Take my hand in expectation grand and I shall do the same
Close your eyes and take that leap of faith into the river blind


Stars will guide the way
And it is true what chosen few say
Universe resides within us
Tools to love in all of us
Cause to do so much depends
On whether we transcend with friends
Rise above with lovers
All play happy families
Leaving all to chance and nothing undiscovered


Pure love can and does exist
Such gift persists amidst the shifting mist of blissless hatred
Here is all I have to give
Please do feel free to take it
Make it into something grand
Take the time to understand
Waste not on the underhand
Those predisposed with breaking bread turned bad
Count up all the hopes and dreams you ever dared to have


Dare not take love lightly
Share a little
Care a lot
Who knows where it might lead
Once you do
And next time that I tell you that I love you
Just remember
I tender only in the truth





© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™




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