The Everlasting Fable



O, blackened heart
So little remains of thee
Once vibrant and beating for two
It is black, it is blue
It is living most dangerously

Only strangers in view
Lovers of the night I died
One kiss placed upon pale lips could, in an instant, wish me back to life
Howbeit, all I feel is ghostly breeze
The ghost of me knows only to concede
Recede into the woods somewhere
Declaring not its whereabouts
This soul of mine doth beat retreat for cheated it hath been out of the single thing it cared about
At least, so it seems

Use it up and wear it out
Then ask yourself
What have I done
By robbing one of freedom to declare mine own free will
Beaten black and blue, though every drop that spills vermilion
Bleeding out forgiving grace
Nowise devout to hidden face
O, blackened heart
The charred remains of that once deemed familiar

Ashes to dust
In eulogy unjust
Thrusting sword of cursed steel
Sweet heart of mine, its beat be still
For cleaved apart it cannot ever hope to truly heal
Dearly departed
For the course of true love be forever uncharted
The second this reckoning passes

Yet, death it need not be so unbecoming
Should beauty catch the eye of the beholder
Not the beast
Only one is sighted
Only one invites the rise of thee
The other capitalizes on the darkness lending blight to thee
Snatches into shadows then to feast
Itching its sores with the filthy paws of its feet as it gnaws on the meat
The time has now come to be seen
This blackened heart of ours need not be seized

The mere mention and my bones burst into second spring full-flowered
Lily petals nestle in this cage of twisted metal
Not content merely to settle
Less the nest clearly be crystalline
Should this be the design
Then twinned signatures need never be required
Chapel Black erected
Decked in vintage rust and single spired

The widow of the chamber may conspire to mourn her loss behind closed doors
Recline back into shadow, though I highly doubt forevermore
Forevermore is love not hate
And such exists beneath this grate
Adoring bloom so true, so pure
Of leaping faith and great demure
O, blushing heart
It breathes once more

This fable hath no ending
Any more than it doth procure a beginning
Always within
This visitor of ours
In our hiding place
And in pride of place
Dignified and with grace
Ivy climbing
Fading evermore to grey
Tis our home in the silvery shade
This is our serenade

Take this waltz for all time
Take my soft paws in thine
We can truly transcend
Should thine blessing this night be extended
Heart vibrant and beating for two
It is black, it is blue, a full spectrum of beckoning colors anew
Most critically, this heart be true
One rabbit, one lion
One mystical fable
No ending






  1. So many lines from this beautiful piece made me say “YES!!”…on the bus as usual, my laughing and reviewing place! Wonderful work.

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