Bright Side Disasterpiece




Without Me (Instrumental) by Eminem




I get on people’s nerves
I’m slow on foot
Delayed in response
Leg drags behind
Pelvis an awkward angle
I hear you but don’t quite process
Give me triple time, I’m yours
Body patchy numbness
Paraesthesia fizzing mad
Twitching muscles and
Stop motion gait
Funny as fuck
I can all but cluck
This chick chick chicken
Has her wattles in a flap
New Balance on my feet
Throw me off balance
I’m a masochist at heart


A good heart almost destroyed
A body almost hemiplegic
Recovery never ending
Neural pathways disconcerting
I’m half spastic
But wholly fantastic
My pain gives strength
My strength I share
I’m not always there
My head aching numb
Blood clot evicted
Migraines moved in
Drugs so plentiful
Hell, I’m beautiful!
Or totally out of it?
Yeah, full of shit
Verbal constipation
Laxative speech therapy


Roll on the years
Body bags under my eyes
Constant exhaustion
Tired of being tired
Head needs re-wired
Oh just focus on the bright side
The incredible people met
Or… are they?


Some thin skinned
Few thick skinned
Grow a pair of bull’s balls
Quit fucking flapping
Soppy society politically
You say I need therapy?
I need to relax, see Doctor Lecter?
You’re all chick chick chickens
Scared to speak out
Wary of coming out
Allowing touchy minorities
Whinging little revolutionaries
With heads full of ideology
More like epidemic pathology
To quell your opinions
Suppress truths
Promote lies


Focus on the bright side
Spastic but fantastic
Epileptic auras, free hallucinogens!
Mind malfunction
Excuse to let rip
Off balance New Balance
Leki walking stick
I rock this affliction
Pissed myself, who cares
Awkward gait?
I’m like Sadako, man!
Borderline personality disorder
Will restore new world order
This once hemiplegic
Cerebral blood clot totty
Is your friend and confidante
Venting frustration, ignore me
This chick chick chicken
Just has her wattles in a flap




Sharon Lawson





© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™




  1. This really is a spectacular piece Freckles. Comedy is a hard one to nail and doesn’t come naturally to just anyone. You have impeccable timing and this had me folded over on numerous occasions. Will be reading this many times.

      1. Home sweet home. This is your little zone for life and longer and it is wonderful to see you clucking proudly.

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