King of Swords




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King of Swords
With eyes for only truth
Sat astride a throne festooned with butterflies and crescent moon
Trees behind him motionless
Clouds nowise objectified by hopelessness
Open arms embraced of precious boon
Charmed the pendant rune which reads and hears, which feels and loves, observes and knows, sees all and duly calls unto


The angel in his view confides
These words comprising subtle guidance
Eyes bejeweled that shuttle diamonds
To a soul condoled of tolled subsidence
Set upon by mindless violence
Strident cries of blind contrivance
Dressing-down his noncompliance
Saving grace the angel in his view


Sword unsheathed of conscious mind
In right hand bearing left decisive
Sound advice supplied by intuition
Slicing through the overhanging vines of signed petition to malign the road that winds towards perdition
Innermost the opus vision
Canonized this composition
Magnified with swift precision
Dandified the dandelions in bloom
Lighting up the face divine of angel in his view


King of Swords
With eyes for only truth
Dressed in purple cape and tunic blue
Much ado and nothing much reluctantly assumed
Chasing butterflies within embrace of crescent moon
Sweeping change estranged from disillusion
Weeping gain through pains of each contusion
Of clarity and restitution
Set adrift from thrift of institution
Vigilant to writ of execution
Yet, better dressed to wrest with destitution
Deep red are the jewels bedecked within this tunic blue
For blessed be the angel in his view




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. Very deep and spiritually beautiful. Sat in throne with sword at the ready but an angel watching over you keeping you safe from mankind’s wrath. Love it.

    1. This was a fascinating piece to conceive as I have a fair idea where I channeled it from and it certainly wasn’t this century. I love the feeling of dropping beneath the veil while awake. So glad you enjoyed this, dear Mouse.

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