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She moved in allegro
Faster than the speed of light
Master in technique of flight
Shuttled past the tree of life
In steepened height of season


Breezing through the teasing leaves
Weaving with increasing ease
My eyes discerned a pleasing scene
The king in me perceived a queen
This had to be the most exquisite creature I had ever seen
Needed no more reason to proceed


As gentleman, requested that she lead
No part of me could question such prestige
Never once more noble title deemed
Howbeit, this some way exceeded token of esteem
For I had seen her some place in my dreams


While regularly sleep had been deployed
Effectively my reverie was rendered null and void
This seraphim remembered from the one chimera left unspoiled
The only time I’d ever felt conjoined
The reason why the term soulmate was coined
Two pieces of an ancient puzzle magnetized like steel
Together we could reinvent the wheel


No need to strike a deal with treaty infinitely struck
Gods may call me crazy but this lady brought the luck
Nothing nipped and nothing tucked
One endless stream of give-a-fucks
Boundless dreams to run amuck
And breathe in something real for once


Long since scathed by passion’s brunt
Impassioned now to brave its front
And pave the way for greater love
Engraved in bust of Venus
Indeed, had angels seen us waltz
Then I’d have given many pretty pennies for their thoughts
Just to watch them falling from their pedestals


She moved in manner transcendental to both time and space
So much so that I have no remembrance of her face
I know her fragrant scent, recall the taste of her embrace
Yet, this one dream I’m never ever less than keen to chase
For she, I would exceed the speed of light
For she, I would remaster the entire technique of flight
For she, I’d shuttle mountain ranges to the tree of life
For she is both the shadow and the light
And hers is flame that burns forever bright
My thirsting lips they yearn for her eternal kiss goodnight





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Shadow Spark Publishing™



    1. Thank you, Mouse. Another from a recent dream. My slumber of late has been… interesting.

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