Shy Girl




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Shy girl
I only know of She through liquid dream
Some vague Utopia it seems
A cornucopia of trees in evergreen
With rose red river bled between


A more resplendent paradox I’ve only seen on xerox streams
A more perplexing equinox has seldom seemed so elementary
Pirouetting through the sentries
Polychromic echo of an episodic memory
Never meant to be so hide and seek
Though shy girls tend to like to creep
A venture to no end delighting me


Lip-bitingly sightly
As She shyly slides invite between my thighs and bids obliged R.S.V.P.
I’d rather be shipwrecked at sea
Than miss a siren song so sweet
Would turn the tide to kiss her feet
If only she would smile at me


Come lounge beneath the lilac tree
No need to be so shy with me
Howbeit, feel obliged confiding
Finding hide and seek exciting
Shy girl
You are mystifying
Every dream you liquefy legitimizes wide eyes smiling
Crystallizes underlying diamonds
Besides, a shy guy such as I flies just as sky high synchronizing silence


Shy girl
Do just as you please
You will not hear a peep of critique out of me
Quiet kindness speaks to me
Mountain high and peak to peak
Palm to palm and cheek to cheek
Without thee, I would cease to be
I see you in my liquid dreams
Some vague Utopia it seems
A cornucopia of trees in evergreen
With birds and bees and lilac trees and rose red river bled between





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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