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Lang Lang ” Minute Waltz Op. 64, No. 1 in D-Flat Major”





See my soul
It’s here
It’s there
No loss accounting
Wear and tear
By all accounts
It’s everywhere
On other counts
It’s very rare


The reason for its heady air
I season it with debonair
It leads me to all kinds of places
Speeds my gaze to smiling eyes
Happy faces never far behind


Could never trade this soul of mine
Or I would surely die
It’s all you see
That’s all of me
And very purely I


Hopscotching the open roads and skipping rope with rainbows in the sky
Unrestrained from masquerade
No longer in disguise
Readymade for serenade
Through faith cascading eyes
Finding fresh inventive ways to innovate a life through art
Defibrillate an ailing heart
And liberate remaining parts


See my soul
It’s brave
It’s bold
Amazing grace
To have
To hold
It’s every fable
Never told
In the making


Suddenly awakened
From a state of wistful slumber
Free from sullen chastening
No mortal man could number
Nowise torn asunder
By the distant cries of thunder
Arisen by persistent strike of lightning


Darkened sky now brightening
Enlivening the air
Heightening the sense of every widened eye hereby declared
Ripening the cloistered garth
Entitling anointed path
It’s here
It’s there
By all accounts
It’s everywhere we are


See my soul
You need not seek so hard
On Easy Street
Some way from chasing cars
Breaking waves and swaying palms
Trailing arm remaining calm
Leaping faithfully straight into charmed embrace of waiting arms


See my soul
It heals my ailing heart
Feel it glow
For I donate my finest art to finding fresh inventive ways
To free the bind
To beg no borrow
Leave behind all yesterdays that speak not of tomorrow
Alleviate the hollowed eyes of sorrow weeping blind
This soul of mine
Thine keepsake
For all time




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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