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Enigma “Ancient Person of My Heart”





I hear you
I feel you
I see you
I taste you
I bathe in your soul’s sweet perfume
Each shade of you I fade to
In dreams I embrace you
In sun I am spun
While the moon comes undone
Would presume this to be of your decree
‘Twas rumoured midst the whispers of the breeze in sweet procession


The mighty sea invites the keep of treasures deep and wide
Your flighted eyes incite the rise of idealistic tide
The stalling waves of fallen braves bid enclave of the distant lights
Land and sea most handsomely you braid
Expansive is the vista that parades in grace and kind
Permissed one wish
Would kiss thine lips
Forever and a day
This way inclined
Lost within thine rendering
Transcending space and time


I hear you
I feel you
I see you
I taste you
I baste my desire in the sweetest perfume
Each shade of you embraces truth
Each serenade betrays our youth
Seduces aeons lost in mute translation
In faithful place of proffered grace amazing


Changing room to one with view
I see the sun and moon delight
They reunite to offer blessing
Timeless curse the stars undress within us
In less than words
They lend address
Through silent verse
They reinvent the final breaths of absolute beginners


I hear you
Feel you
See you
Taste you
All embrace you
Fall asleep and lean to face you
Stir from waking dream to chase you
Make to measure waves of pleasure
In our keep we claim the treasure
Deep and wide our eyes behold
The greatest tale as yet untold


And, if I may be quite so bold
To hold on tight and not let go
Then you will know of purest soul
Reflective of thine own
My one
My only
Known as She
I bid thee
Welcome home




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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