United To Death




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One Day At A Time by John Lennon 




Eyes met, eyes insisted 

Look at me, no, not her

Then miraculous intervention 

Caused our eyes to lock 

Our letters were the key

We poured out our feelings 

Severed vessels bled innermost truths 


Eyes met, eyes on target 

A busy station but no-one there 

Green aimed on grey 

We daren’t look away 

No more letters anymore 

Hands and hearts connected  

As Twin Towers fell, twin love was raised


Eyes focused, eyes shone 

At last you are mine!

Twin souls fused as one 

No stars, no moon

We were simply To Be 

Precious rings proud on fingers 

My love, my rock, I’m yours beyond death 


Eyes borderline, eyes neurotic 

Oh help me as I will you

A monumental mash-up 

Of psychosis and deformity 

We defy so-called weakness 

I am your thorn, you are my rose

Red and white entwined, our unity now infinite 





Sharon Lawson





© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™



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