The Girl With The Universe In Her Eyes




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You’ve changed my life
In ways I could not possibly explain
However, I have every intent to find a way
Placing you dead center of agenda on this day
For my membrane is your candy cane
My every vein your bearing rein
No sharp pains since you swooped in akin to whooping crane
Spirited away
Saluting She of truth
Of dignity and grace


Unlimited the ways in which you principally amaze me
Life may still take aim but thanks to you no longer fazes me
Memories of life before you came to me are somewhat vague and hazy
Teetering the borderline to crazed
Yet never one time in this life have I felt quite so sane


We have been on quite the journey me and you
With turning points at every point
It can be hard to hold a clue just what it is we’ve been proposed to do
But in your name I hold acclaim for tiniest of gestures
For you made each one grandiose and recomposed my view


It would be fair suggesting you are unlike any other
No disrespect to loves within my rear view but they simply were not you
Despite dismay that came to stay I knew that you existed
Indeed, I credit every pain for making me persistent
Even when the heavens evidently were not listening
Something said the universe would see me good and pitch in
And this, in turn, it did
With your permission


So what makes you so different then
Where do I possibly start
Given I’m in love you with every thrumming beat of me, what say we bid retreat within your heart
Its measurements are light years off the chart
Regardless of sufficient curse imparted to be irreversibly torn wide apart


Yet, nothing contested your softness
No matter how much you were tested
May not have been requested but in with shout you weren’t about to be so cruelly bested
With power vested in your chest you kneeled at altar
Blessed the water
Knew that very second we were tethered


Knew my soul well having lived as I’d learned
Because of you
We’re now on first name terms
Any loitering concerns about the darkness that I harbored were given ultimatums
As you taught me where the flame burns and raised me with your own
Now we take in turns to keep this home fire burning for we blaze with self-same purpose


Long since lost count of the amount of ways our days and nights have gotten better
No half measures
Vast array of pleasures
As we venture forth togetherly with eyes on every treasure
Hold hands tight for each leap blind as they are disinclined to failing ever
Each the crispest waterfall
And there is no more blessed a refresher


Can I serve you better?
Well here’s an idea
How about I spend no less than all my lifetimes trying?
You see, after what feels a lifetime of dying
I actually feel goddamn alive again
My rising sign now bids incline
No longer hide my tired eyes every time they feel like crying
For I am but a child within your presence
And this little boy lost has now been found


You’ve changed my life dear
And I sincerely wish to lavish praise with every last syllable scribed here
As this transcendental love of ours doubles up as flight gear
I can soar through the skies with the reddest swell of pride
For the wind never chills when you fly by my side
I now know your soul just as well as my own
It is here and only here I wish reside dear


With my person for all time
Most ultimate of prizes for the sorest eyes and most dignified glider
No finer a creature I ever did see
No lullaby sweeter than the one which your soul read to me
‘Tis your arms gently rocking me to sleep
Your rosebud lips that kiss my dimpled cheek as I awaken
Sometimes all that’s left to do is breathe you in and sigh
For I can see the universe right there within your eyes






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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