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Still from the film Excision (2012)


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“Go to your room!”, but no, that’s not punishment. But room rhymes with doom so does Fruit of the Loom. She’s still young but too old. Face at the window seeing freedom before her as she scrawls ‘fuck you’ in central heating condensation.


She contemplates…


She’s fucked up and being fucked up and her tits have grown yet another cup. What is it with being 16 and alone? Why isn’t she amongst the Fila-wearing Benetton girls? Hmph. She prefers Naf-Naf anyway.


Listening to Nirvana’s Incesticide on cassette recently stolen from John Menzies as she re-laces her DM’S with tie-dye laces. She ponders hanging herself with the things but then, her rat Droog would starve to death.


News Flash! Murder suicide! Teenager strangles rat then hangs herself with assorted Dr Marten laces pleated together into a rainbow noose. “She’s like a rainbow hanging in colours in the air,” she sings. A lover of twisting lyrics to suit her dark amusement.


Being a teen who peels dead birds off the road with blue nail varnished hands in a small snooping town is rather frowned upon. She collects skulls from deceased nature in the countryside and still finds it okay to climb the Faraway Tree. She rides her Giant Stonebreaker in flippy skirts and band tees. Unaware she’s no longer just a girl.


But home life was a head fuck. She’s punished and barked at for the most trivial of offences. She’s bloomed from a girl but is treated like a child. Spoken to with Biblical condemnation and felt more of an outcast than Carrie ever was. Hard love and harsh words. Nerves shredded and confidence fucked. No wonder she stole. No wonder she loved that scalpel.


Excision - Family


Appraisal of Excision by Richard Charles Stevens 



“Room, doom, Fruit of the fucking Loom”, she groans.


She’s treated with suspicion at school by the mainstream goddesses but after all’s said and done, at the end of the day, she’s the one beautifully fucked up with mean green eyes to stare and despise.


“I can’t wait to slam body cooler doors shut on the whole fucking lot of you!”





Sharon Lawson





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