Sweet I.V. Girl




Artwork by Rob Domenech 


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When by Elysian Fields 






O sweet girl with the hole in your gown

You know you look so fine despite that wound drain and line

Your anti-embolism stockings tease me each time

You gracefully limp along our home so sterile 

My inflammation rages red as I see your gown gape 

Revealing your dressing so white, my God you’re so pure

I’d love to see you against that high backed chair 

Just sat there serene lit by the TV screen

Eyes meet across the VCR as we spit out our medication 

Our IV lines fill with blood in anticipation 

Let’s fake our EEGs 

Flatline our ECGs 

I’d die to be with you, my drugged up love

I’ll pray for septicaemia

And for you, gentle anaemia 

Then for wondrous eternity 

Together we shall be as one

Bound by I.V. lines 

Fusing the blood of our souls 

I love you sweet girl 

With the hole in your gown 





Sharon Lawson





© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™





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