Good For Something


To my best friend and sister from another septic blister, Sharon Lawson. Happy Birthday, dearest Mouse. 





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Utah Saints “Something Good”





Knew that something good was gonna happen
Should you go by the name of Sharon Lawson then prepare for your bowel to promptly slacken
Not that I am planning to release unruly Kraken
So much shit to say so what say we kick off with a fraction
And you may well shit your knickers on receipt of this transaction


Maybe grab that TENA Lady, cos this could be a gusher
Father Time got old and cold war raged in Mother Russia
Suddenly, a mouse appeared
This rodent like no other
Bagged herself a friend to no end
Not to mention snagged herself a brother
Not much I can say that doesn’t translate to I love ya
So much that I break out in a s-s-stutter


Make me piss my pants, no guarantee that I’ll recover
Making sure my mind remains in gutter
Let me make this plain, you are a shameless insane nutter
No shame in your game as you’re the bread that led the butter
If you were a race horse I would not resist a flutter
And should that make me stalker, then you can always close the shutter


You’ll do nothing of the sort, of course
With not a thought lent to remorse
Brave of heart with language coarse
Slave to each fantastic thought
Play the game with magnum force
Never one time changing course
A runaway train of a brain you possess
This locomotive does its best
To understand and to express
That winning smile to lips undressed


Make the whole world better just by fighting through each pain
If I never had of met cha, I never would have been the same again
You’re an inspiration in a myriad of ways
Constant motivation and most humbling of praise
Life would lack a stack without your heckles
Just know I’ve got your back, my dearest Freckles


Knew that something good was gonna happen
Plymouth Fury Red is the color of your wagon
One winner zero losers and I say this shit with passion
Glory hallelujah to ya, now please pass me the Valium





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  1. Suddenly all my chest tightness has melted away. This had me lost for words yet saying so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dearest friend. Mind fluttering!

    1. You could not possibly be even a slither more welcome, Mouse. One of us fades to black, the other shines the searchlight – that’s the shit right there. Soar Sharon, to the highest heights and higher still. I believe in you and in a friendship truly cast in titanium. My home is forever yours too twinblood.

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