Visceral Beauty




Artwork by Brian M Viveros 


Listen to Suggested Audio:


Dance Of The Druids by Bear McCreary 






She has beauty

A deep visceral beauty 

Makes you hate yourself

No, a feeling of raw lust!

She makes you want to tear 

To claw and rip your soul  

To shreds

Tear yourself apart


Her staring eyes so green

You wanna see what she’s seen 

A remarkably sweet nose

Fills you with utter hatred

Hatred for what, you don’t know 

It’s in your gut

Unpleasant reaction 

Her visceral beauty 


Her miserable pouting lips

Makes your bowels loosen up 

You clench your anus 

As you visually stroke her hair 

Mousy golden brown 

A colour without name 

Your stomach flips over

Emotional evisceration 


Intestines tangled up

Even feel your liver shiver

Her pale smooth skin

You wanna kick yourself in

As your eyes drift downwards

A form unlike any other

Kidneys begging transplant

From visceral beauty torture 


My gut wrenching love 

Feelings so deep

Internal organs ruptured

Skull pop, head’s blown up  

As my mind makes up

Inner reactions killing me 

Mousy green girl I see

You’re a killer







Sharon Lawson




© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™





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