Love Infinitude




Last Embrace by Laurie Lipton


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That’s How Strong My Love Is by The Rolling Stones




My love for you, a continuous circulation

Ninety beats per minute

Pounding out ‘I love you’

Arteries pump my feelings for you

Stretching to the moon and back

More than stars in the sky, for eternity

No! If vessels could flow for infinity

You would know how strong my pulse is

I’m pondering an infinite circulation

As we walk with eyes towards path

Through the cemetery beneath knowing sky

Seeing his and hers gravestones

Huge show-off crypts

Mortal remains crumbled

Silk flowers faded

Til death do us part

‘Cept our ever beating hearts





Sharon Lawson





© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™






  1. Glorious verse, Mouse. Further proof of your versatility and perfectly chosen audio and visual accompaniment. Believe in you, ferociously.

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