Grave Mistake




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Interpol “Evil”





Ignorance is far from bliss
Belligerent and harvestless
Targeting deliverance
In bargain with indifference
The bitter kiss of slithered lips
Sinking ships
Considered in their every move
No point to prove
No move to make that translates not eclipse


Hatred stains the fingertips
Of those ordained to getting even
Even when their actions excommunicate through petty thieving
Seem to think they hold the right
To grab the reins and hold them tight
Stab the veins deemed out of favour
Unknown of the rights they waver
Victory the sole delight
Predictably they bolt upright
Each time they roll one-sided dice
And weave their web like spider mites
Provide concise words slicing, dicing
Sighted eyes revitalizing
Anything to stifle the horizons under black moon rising


Time and time again they make the same mistake
A grave mistake
For every bleakened night precedes a danger day in waiting
Patiently awaiting plaything
Chasing tails of scale brocaded
Facing pale the sunlight fading
Breaking trail of faith persuaded
Telling tall tales unrelated to a mode of sail outdated
Sinking ships
Loose lips elated
Strategists demodulated
Ignorance is far from bliss
Of rigorous dismiss dictated


Hatred stains the lips of those whose kisses swell to tell
Of devilry’s permission of the knell
Each abyss a deepened well of thickened cells coagulated
Unaware their stares declare imprisoned cells contaminated
Preaching what tradition tells
Whence former coalition fell
Deficient little citadels
Resistant to sufficient wealth
To break the chains disgrace parades
To make the changes saving grace
Before the penny drops with haste
That better days have made complacent getaways
Defamation regulative
Self-undressing restless natives
Ignorance is far from bliss
When bargained from within misgiving legislative
Patiently awaiting fates of own permit predated
A grave mistake
For every bleakened night precedes a better day in waiting
Once we turn a blind eye back to hatred






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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