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Kirsty Hawkshaw “Face To Face”





a million miles away
yet i can feel your heartbeat close
deep within the tempo of my own
out of reach
yet i can feel your breath against my lips
face to face
a single kiss from home


walk with me
please do
for there is stardust in my view
a supernova for each smile
azure skies for each green mile
the flowers shower us in bloom
as we empower them to fan their faint perfume
soon the sun shall rise
the moon shall muse upon its splendour
we shall glide straight through enthusing embers


waltzing through the fays
fireflies and faeries in our wake
this living dream dreamed wide awake
this dreamer’s dream lived fast asleep
across the ballroom we shall sweep
over the mountain tops and trees
to insurmountable degree
with ease of fountain whispers sweet


bare feet and souls
each ebb and flow
a cache of diamonds gift the streams
the jewels of teardrops to replenish
river wild
refreshing every sense as we bid relish to the reeds
i see you
hear you
cherish every leisured air you breathe


a million miles away
yet i can feel your fingertips
your eyes inviting sinking ships
to deepest treasures of the reef
here we are weightless in our tread
the ocean bed our hall bedecked
i feel your breath against my lips
the soft caress of fingertips


soon the sun shall rise
the moon shall glisten on the tide
and we shall glide betwixt the waves
with timeless grace
in tidal braid
glance the passing stars
and charm a kiss from thriving embers
bidding muse upon our splendour
making great bleak late november
a single sweet embrace from home
each beat of soulful heart enthroned
a million miles away
yet face to face






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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