Lady of The Sea




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The sea always held a deep fascination for me
Ever since I was a little boy
Back when we still dare to dream
My mind would set a scene marine
Of golden sands and curling surf
Each vision one of sterling worth
Concurring of recurring theme
That every time I close my eyes
I feel the low tide glide across my feet
Could see for miles and miles and miles
Of infinite horizon
And every rain cloud lingering
I knew well how to brighten
Far too free of will to heed the warnings of Poseidon
For I had been shown the way to go home
Through my mind in cadence, ebb and flow
A tidal wave of treasured hope afloat
That one fine day I would return to sight the mermaid back in rightful throne
Needed not a fishing boat
No call for tawdry trawler
No dragnet or intention to lend trend upon disorder
Castaway from chartered course
Not waylaid by larger ports
Guided by the distant lights
Illuminating most persistent thoughts
That brave new worlds existed in the deep of my subconscious
Places in the mind defined by inner vision amplified
The tide was high with purpose true
To see me breach the surface through discourteous to-do
With certain death a breath away, immersion depth took burden from refresher rate
Only took a second for the beckon of a mermaid
Not the kind of sight that sore eyes feel inclined to downplay
Making sense of every feeling ever felt alone
Synchronizing cadence, ebb and flow
Offering imagination some place safe to go
Somewhere most serene, as seen through eyes devoid of panic
Some place where our hopes and dreams are simply oceanic
Some place where the sun beams every time the moon blows kisses
A fathomless well of elaborate swell to scatter most hopeful of wishes
Back to where I dare to live the dream
To gaze upon the lady of the sea






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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