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the room fell silent
as she entered
and never one time in my life had i seen quite such timeless beauty rendered
of breathtaking splendour
decidedly centred
my life could have ended right there and would barely have tempered the smile i declared
it was then her nostrils flared
as she took up her position
underneath the spotlight’s glare
with stradivarius precision
the ballroom floor was hers to own
in she resplendent godhead shown
a celestial creature with bestial features
the kind of such finery it might just lean to rendering one speechless
if there was fear
then it heightened her senses
made her alert to the slightest offenses
nothing contentious
for she had made clear
that she had not come here to lead the offensive
quiet and pensive
i felt quite reflective
for up to this moment my heart felt defective
each beat enthroned now in tone uncontested
had she requested i die in her arms
then my beautiful death would have dressed blessèd charm
with great poise to her pose and red rose in her palm
my every last slender defense was then bested
in the power she vested
we shared the same breath
and with that
there was only a single choice left
as gentleman i felt obliged to make polite address
request her hand
for one last dance
my one last chance to define sweet caress
her long flowing gown
broke in waves as she pressed on relentlessly
twisting and turning
all home fires now burning
trailing the embers she wept in her wake
this all felt like a dream
yet clearly i was wide awake
the room remained silent
in awe of the sight of the lady’s delight to be hailed
how i yearned for her taste upon lips long since paled
for she was the queen of arena regaled
had i not seen with my very own eyes
then i would have been blind to a scene so divine
that the angels could barely contain their green envy
such was her eminent rise
fingertips to fingertips
we bade adieu to loom of space and time
the room remained silent
as we braided mated twine
and danced until the day became of night






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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