This Is How I Reappear



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To my agent, Jessica Moon, on her earthly birthday. Thank you beyond words and worlds for seeing me. For believing in me. For making a long running dream of mine come true. So much love to you on this special day.



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The shadows sparked to life
Death relinquished its grip on my iron lung
Light danced all about me in freckles of fluorescence
Bathed in fountain petaled of accommodating essence
Streams beneath rejuvenating
Sparkling anew
Fresh springs sprung
Illuminating darling buds of bloom
Splendour unforeseen
Less this be dressed within dream sweet
My heart, once wept of destiny, then grew


The shadows sparked to life
‘Neath the omnipresent moon
Had they been mute, my next commute
Would have left me destitute
Left to lose one vesture used
Be gone too soon
Instead, I mused upon the view
Arrested by its grand to-do
My blood was black
My heart was blue
Yet, there was still so much ado
My art had found its purpose
To deny myself a death arriving legacy
At least, until the very final breath of me
Needed to be seen
Not for my skin but for the beauty in-between
Needed to believe that I can lead fate back to destiny
Weave inviting braid from light and shade
Each night and day
My heart then wept an estuary of brave


The shadows sparked to life
For I was evidently seen
Through eyes not unlike mine
For they bedecked reflected scene
My blood was black
My heart was blue
Yet, there was still so much ado
Thus, I searched the crack of every silence in-between
Kindred air about me as I held on most devoutly
To the faith that led me stoutly to this place
Blindfold not removed
I then discerned a kindly face
Dressed in smile of blessèd youth
The years then fell away
“I believe in you”
The words were honeyed of full bloom
“We will help you make your dreams come true”


The shadows sparked to life
Yet, there was still so much to do
My blood was black
My heart was blue
Had never felt such sharp reduce
Open sores of every pain
Howbeit, lawless death be slain
The very final breath of me
Now gestured fame suggestively
No less of me than I could give
I gave to this just cause
All of me
No question
For I felt of destiny adored
Legendary kindness took the floor
In pure white robes
Light and shade then married into captivating strobe
Artists’ souls need night and day
To source the in-between
Masterpieces only whence definitively seen
Not through entire lifetime
Far, far longer
Which is why this true blue heart of mine beats that much stronger now
The shadows sparked to life
As did the light in vast array
Fondly I recall
This one fine day
Should I die before I wake
My words will find their place
Thus, I stand with dignity and grace
Gazing on adoring at the world, in kind, we change
All of me I gave to muse upon the grandest view
My heart, once wept of destiny, then grew



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