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Here Come The Bombs by Carissa Rose 



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Still Don’t Give A F*ck by Eminem





You’re obsessed, they say, quick on the cut-throat draw

Judgment is not advice

Forever trying to be helpful

If I want advice I’ll contact a lawyer

If I need help, a psychiatrist

Not really though, I’m just being insolent


I’m tougher than shark skin

I’ve seen things everyone should see

Mary, Mary quite goddamn morbid


I do have feelings though


Executions make me frown

Decapitations give me a sore throat

Quick, gimme a Victory V!

Accidents are SO engrossing

Aircraft disasters fuel my need to, well…

Watch Air Crash Investigation!


Pray for me they say

What, I’m ungodly?

Being aware of reality?

Are you utterly serious?

Pray for yourself dear soul

You’ve nothing on me


I have inner strength

A lion would kill for

Blood liquid titanium

My mind carved in stone

With vivacious determination

I’ll watch, rewind and watch again

Read the book

Buy three t-shirts


So mind your own

And kiss mine!




Sharon Lawson





© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™





  1. Exactly! I’m a slut for guts and a gore whore haha!! That’s how I annoy family who fail to grasp the concept that I dissected people on a daily basis at work so why the judgement if I watch forensics and crime????

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