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Life. Is it a test of something greater to come or are we just dropped between aching legs and once of age, well, work it all out. I think it’s something hovering in the middle like a frustrated clitoris struggling to frenzy. This isn’t all there is and we don’t scientifically know what’s to come once our pupils fix and dilate. Spiritually there are many theories and those of faith will cling on to hope.


Being born can be a curse upon both society and yourself. If you’re psychologically afflicted you’ll know what I mean. We feel life’s burdens more than anyone else. Or so we think. Many disguise innermost dilemmas with Jack-the-lad, life-and-soul, “fuck you, I’m the bollocks man!” facades. But us, for want of a better word, psychos battle through life bearing our innermost soul with hearts held beating within palm of hand. Feeling, hurting, and often losing control.


Life can make us quite literally suffer the passion of the Christ. Intense pain that’s as constant as our misunderstood childlike personalities. We become mute trying to explain our current mood. Acting out, bingeing, clutching scissor blades or hiding away in our burrows. Avoidance and ruminating chaos as eyes well up with Wonderland tears.  Whatever your brain is exasperating your soul, it isn’t who you are and you’re not going snorting bull crazy. There’s no chilli powder on your particulars, you’re just differently wired. If all you want to do is seek solitude to calm down, reflect deep breathe relax, just say so and scamper to your burrow. Grunt and go so people will know.


Life sucks but life is great. Love is balanced with normal hate and that’s okay. Existence is a dizzying mix of journeys, experiences and curious moments. Of fleeting dreams and pesky setback nightmares. Some people have their noses in literature whilst others dress up kittens. Then there’s those on meds who on good days leap frog over gravestones and on bad days behead show-off arrogant daffodils.


Bullet got the wrong head… Life’s good, your thoughts misled.




Sharon Lawson





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  1. Sharon I do adore your choice of words and how they make me giggle and shake my head in unison. That whole last paragraph….Yes yes and yes. Roller coasters. One day I’m gonna not have to hold my breath nor close my eyes. I’ll simply just ride the ride ❤️

    1. TYSM for your comment Jenny, I’m beaming! I love just going with the flow and letting words slip out onto the keyboard. I’ll hold your hand on that rollercoaster!

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