Gunpowder Tears




Tank Girl by Brett Parson 


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Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann





Gunpowder tears run down a once loved cheek

In danger of explosion should combustible bullshit persist

You give your all, believe everything

Love without question and feel something special


But no, you’re not


Polluted waters mask debris that cuts deep 

Flattering tongue fattens you up

Ready to cut your gullible throat

Months turn into years, years into tears. 

Those whispers in mind’s  corridors

Feeding paranoid delusions

Then twin barrels suddenly fire

Blasting at neurological disorder

It shoots itself in the foot

Nae, both feet and

Its vindictive head most dead


Gunpowder tears dry on a once loved cheek

Though sporting a black eye

Broken nose

And constipation

Beliefs no longer believed 

No pity for the acidic 

No crying over spilt bile 


Heading on a trip on a runaway train

Destination nowhere 


Where no-one ever cares




Sharon Lawson






© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™





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