She Became

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She danced with joy unbridled
Just as she had as a girl
Back when the world seemed so much smaller and more intimate
Yet, infinite as though a timid rose as yet unfurled

Glancing each petal
Her mind opened widest and whirled with the wildest abandon
Barefoot she tiptoed through random imaginings
Far away from elders with their slandering and badgering
Far from the menagerie
Blackbird wings no longer clipped
Adorned with flawless majesty
A tapestry of honour kissed
The monarch lifted mist to drift betwixt its shifting vapors
Free to reminisce amidst this unremitting labour

She danced with such transmissive flavour
Glanced the skies reprised of diamonds mined from mind of timeless chamber—Famed in its design
Flamed in its desire to fire the spire of the cathedral
Lick the mighty tip of needle
Make it drip the slickest treacle

Veins ablaze with ways to praise the glaze of clay domains engaged
Flaking paint from latent pains to illustrate the greatest gains
Readymade for raising cain
Yet, unbetrayed of hate’s decay
She danced with the appraising gaze
Of angel eyes divine

Faraway from space and time’s constraints and vacant chimes
Braving and invigorating tidal waves—To mount incline
Ride this slipping, sliding snake
With fierce devout and fearsome pride
When She came
A nation famed her rise
Reawakened to the blaze within her eyes

She danced within a swelling tide
That parted in her wake
Kissed the waves of telling height
And jarred them wide awake
Breached with ease the seas she teased
To see them bleed their sweet release
Tamed the beast with heart ablaze
Teased it steep in artful ways
Immaculate of symmetry
She came
Parading twin pearl earrings flamed
The girl became a lady

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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