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Defiance and catty comments perfectly captured by this still of Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted (1999)



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Social media can be the most unsocial socially screwed up playground that exists in today’s society. What started out as a creative tool to bind us together can be a false egomaniac’s jungle to swing from branch to branch screaming “follow me! (but I’ll unfollow you)”.


Facebook in my experience has been the only place that isn’t brimming with serious hatred reminiscent of the film A Girl Like Her (2015). Maybe it’s because it’s blood family, friends known since primary school and a growing few delighted to have connected with via other sources. Some incredibly genuine souls I have met via an explicit gore site. That’s another article. Facebook, Fuckbook, Fakebook, etc etc etc so is the whole of the internet and every madcap app.


Fake, fraudulent, false, even copying another person. Case in point: Bouncer. Claimed he was a bouncer and took great delight in being obnoxious and oozing criticism of others. Turned out he was unemployed and still living at home with his mum. Probably a Norma Bates situation. Myself and a fellow ex-admin gently ribbed him with phrases like “Does your mum know you’re still up?”, “Finish off your homework kid and get to bed”, “Your hot milk is getting cold boy”. But never with malice or a manipulative agenda. It didn’t upset him.


“Be whoever you want to be”, “Be yourself”. There’s a contradiction. Be free, be you but with three filter apps and #bullshit. Try just being you. But who knows who is truly real or not? Damaged people find the equally damaged and are the truest people I’ve met. They’ll let you know either way via empathic responses or sudden bursts of psychosis. And both very much appreciated.


Instagram. Look at all our #instagood moments and all our hefty Russian bodybuilder followers. Rife with the follow to unfollow attention grabbing egotist culture. Girls with serious eyebrows and trout pouts screaming for Likes as they wrestle with which filter looks best. Stick to themes, you’ll be a slow show but alright. Insta messages will still worm their way into your zone and you’ll never know which Cookie Monsters you’ll innocently follow.


Pinterest was group board antics and risque amusement until the puritans insisted it be child friendly. They’ve got We Heart It, leave it be. But no. The acrylic nail brigade won. No more 1920s nudes or fantasy art by Luis Royo… Art destroyed, quotes had to wash their mouths out with soap and female photography culled. But Lennon and Yoko nude on the cover of Two Virgins or Kate Moss’ modelling campaigns permitted. Hmm…


The huge favourite is Twitter. Liberal in subject matter and free to express yourself. Up to a point. Lines are occasionally crossed. Make sure you credit art, an unwritten rule apparently. I’ve never felt such a genuine sense of community above every other platform. Mutual interests bind people together who share ideas, discuss subjects of fascination and feel giddy with offbeat humour. Of course as with all areas in life there are cats amongst the pigeons. Flies that simply need swatting against the wall. Or cordially unfollowed as your sneaky third party informs you of unfollowers.


Post, Tweet, Pin, Share whatever your online masked hero desires. But be as true to yourself and others as you possibly can. You will reap friendships and network within a brilliant community.


Should you be at the receiving end of unwarranted harassment or even abuse, click them goodbye and tell them to go filter themselves!



Sharon Lawson

Valium Freak




© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™




  1. This is a wonderful piece Mouse and so very relevant. It’s funny you know, the other day I was discreetly attacked by someone I didn’t follow, who didn’t follow me, to whom I had never once spoken. Having been tagged in a group with someone I know holds me in contempt, it would appear this unknown had had poison dripped in her ear. I laughed. How is it that someone you have never met can form a judgement based on one person’s bile? It’s crazy but nowadays, simply amuses me. I muted her and got back to my evening. Social networks can be a snake pit, for sure. But you rightly focus on the wonderful souls we share our air with. Stunning write.

    “Should you be at the receiving end of unwarranted harassment or even abuse, click them goodbye and tell them to go filter themselves!”

    I swear, this line should be a mantra to all.

    I see you. Always.


    1. Thank you so much dearest friend for your response. Although harsh at first, it is downright pathetic to be attacked by deaf and dumb snakes. Muting, blocking.. that’s all you can do then try to heal from these backfiring exhausts. Absolutely focus on the good which far overwrites the smouldering heap of manure!!

      I and we see and hear you from the ventricles of our hearts, always know that if grey clouds form.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement and compliment Lion, so happy!!! I was quietly pleased with this having been in situations since early 2000s and wanted to give strength to others in my own simplistic way.
    I saw you tagged in a group btw.

    But yes…

    App you and go filter yourself!

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