Announcing Twin Flame Fusions


I wish to make an announcement to anyone who follows my art, and I do so with tremendous excitement and inhuman swell of pride: A new page, Twin Flame Fusions, has recently gone live on Rivers of Grue. For as much as I have been something of a lone wolf when it comes to my art, I have always secretly craved to merge my words with another artist.


To my dying day, I will never forget the moment Ivy Blackwater’s pinned tweet prompted me to step inside her blog. In half a heart flutter, the butterflies in my tummy began to congregate. They clearly sensed they were home within this place. Her words. I fell in headlong. Certain connections simply are. Mine, to her wondrous poetry, simply was.


One of her verses – Serene Inspiration – touched my soul so sweetly that I felt compelled to offer up my own reflection. It spoke of Ivy’s favourite colour and its various shades. I did likewise and posted the resulting verse (one stanza long at the time, now a published poem in All of Me Volume I) in her comments. For I knew, in my heart of hearts, this was where it would mean most. And she replied by adding another line to my poem. We didn’t know each other back then, but this interaction turned out to be our very first step toward fusion. And we hadn’t even realized it.


Months later, after getting to know each other a bit, she asked if I’d like to try writing a poem together. She had done such with another writer before—just for fun—and thought it would be fun to see how our words fit together. Thrilled, I jumped at the suggestion.


What unfolded was more than simply fun collaboration. Our union of words was effortless. Everything was understood. It became difficult to discern where her words ended and mine began. We were destined “imagination friends” as she called it—a unique type of creative friend that both of us had imagined all our lives, but never found. But in finding each other, we found much more. We discovered our twin flame connection.


Without any clear path beyond soulful creation, we composed Firstborn, our first fused poem. It is childlike and playful, just like the childhood fantasies we used to have before burdens of life inhibited us.


And this is why Twin Flame Fusions is so precious to me. There is something deeply intimate about writing with another artist who sings from the same hymn sheet. There is love in an earthly sense. And then there is the love of twin flames. Some may see this in a literal sense, but it is metaphysical for us. It transcends our mortal coils. To us, love is not ownership. Love is not bound by expectation. Friendship is love. Art is love. And combined art is two times the love.


The significance of Serene Inspiration is explained within Ivy’s Twin Flame Fusions announcement. For more information, please visit my Twin Flame Fusions page or Ivy’s Twin Flame Fusions page.


Please join me today in unveiling Twin Flame Fusions. Let us all, together, celebrate love and creativity in its many colours and shades. Take a moment to break free from the burdens of life. I welcome you to enter our fantastical reality and fly.


Love to allto all, Do Love.




Richard Charles Stevens





Title design by Andy Van Scoyoc – The Lamentation Project




    1. Thank you dearly. Firstly for taking the time to explore my art, secondly for welcoming me as a friend of Ivy’s, and thirdly for words which have lifted my spirits today massively. Companions are so important. Every time I make a friend, I do so for life. That is the intention always. Alas, it doesn’t necessarily work out like that but in Ivy, and in you, I feel safe and trust my gut implicitly. Certain souls just get it. It only took one read of Conquering the demons to know that you do, entirely. Friendship is second to none. And you have a true, lifelong friend in the kindly Lion. Your blessing for our fused art and genuine friendship is divine.

      1. I look forward to reading and communing with your works of art. I truly do! Ivy and I have always had a lovely and safe connection away from social media I look forward to our new friendship. Please know that I am rooting for both of you and will always support your endeavors;-) Peace out ~💝

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