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Phaleh featuring Soundmouse “Afterglow”

It was here, within the flames
That I learned how to breathe again
It was through pain
That I could gain an understanding
The beauty in my meltdown had me spellbound as it spelled out how I felt bound to the light, blight notwithstanding
Shadow played its shallow game and narrow veins then widened
Found my hallowed place within the silence
A lifetime of compliance was required to underline desire to stand in blind defiance of the fire that bid consume
And, all the while, my scars were cauterized before incautious eyes that prized the quiet fortune in my view
It was here, in private quarters
I divorced from all ado
Within the flames
All thoughts were sought anew

It was here, within the flames
That I learned how to brave the waves
Embrace the winds of change unclaimed before the storms of caution blew
It was through falling—I arose
Composed an ode to woes befell
And as the lips of no verbose began to swell
This boded well
My heart then grew
Remastered from uncommon parts
A masterpiece as seen anew through eyes that mastered art of being seen esteemed of ceaseless view
The sweetest bloom that reaped the fruit of aeons in resume
This one thing true
Of very deepest blue

It was here, within the flames
That I burned heartily for two
My bones exhumed of living tomb
Enthroned with flowered circlet plumed
Atop the cursive verse of two
Felt lost for words, and then, My Ivy, there was you
The timeliest reminder that I knew just where to find her
For within the flames cascading twined the braid of famed insider
My one thing true
Of very deepest blue
Within these flames
All dreams were dreamed anew
Found our place within the silence
Quietly consumed
And, all the while, we prized the quiet fortune in our view

I am in love with the essence of you
Feel caressed as you rest and refreshed when you bloom
For my rock of Gibraltar
The She to my He
I kneel at the altar
To kiss feet petite
For the footprints of you lead through flames of unchangeable hue
That we have and hold within our keep
This one thing bold
Our very deepest truth

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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