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Cloud 9 “Mindbomb”

Ashes danced in the smoke of the fire
Motioning choir before they rose higher
Embers remembered from tremors engendered
To play nice on day hikes to canine distemper

The compass of the heart imparted bargaining coordinates
Hardening the earth, its worth no more classed as subordinate
Arteries ablaze with ways to stain the grain of ornaments
Reclaimed in the reconnaissance of faith

Ombudsman claims sustained no escapade to escalate expenses paid no mind denied of renegade design
Signed, sealed, undelivered
Brined in wither of decline
Dithering within the thinning fire pit enshrined
Unforgiving echoes of the lily-livered geckos too reptilian to let go of desire to slip and slide

Ashes admired in the smoke of the fire
Inspired by the hope quantified multiplier
Aligned to the spire of cathedral dreams
Where cedar trees steed feeder streams for faith
Where leaves bleed freed mystique from unique veins
Where ashes dance enraptured in the flames

Amber changed to blue
Persuasion grew to blaze anew
Ignored of legislation due to place marooned disgrace unto
Attuned to lighter shade resumed, presumed no height attained undue
Through widened eyes hereby conveyed
Entitled inFlame flew

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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