My Porcelain Heart




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 Vlada Mars “Now”





my porcelain heart
weeps the quicksilver tears
of all whispered years past
breathed anew
it is midnight in the garden
of unimagined boundary
while all about me
dying petals bloom


the gypsy winds sway
within which we display
every colour and shade
seen anew
with the faith of the blind
undeniable grace
sweet persuasion to marvel the view


blushing lips vermilion
glance fingertips familiar
each contour of our smiles
perceived anew
within the pavilion of dream
we are seen
thus belief in each season renews


the clouds are our wings
shooting stars our earrings
as we dress to impress sight anew
caressing the vestures
of both sun and moon
while all about us
dying petals bloom


two astral bodies
one flesh
breathed anew
no malice or hurts
just extravagant worlds
to explore as our pores gape
to savour the taste
of two porcelain hearts
in full bloom






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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