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 Sky Wikluh “Decollection”





How beautiful was She
That I could barely breathe her name
As I ran the jagged edge along the entrance to my vein
Bled a deeper shade of me than ever I had wept
Forever and a day now
I was kept


Creatures of the wildwood crept
To gather tears my body shed
The badge of years sincerely dressed
Beat fiercely in my heaving breast
The breeze caressed the trees with ease
While leaves beneath address bequeathed
The air was steeped of blessèd tone
Expressing hope no less esteemed
Than nested dreams foreseen of old
Compelling theme no less than bold
The madness to my method seemed predestined as the shadows wreathed
And underneath the cottage eaves
A narrow pathway halfway told
A tale of ancient lovers blest
Its silver crest embossed in gold


I was kept
As had forever been the way
For She connected every bleeding vein
How beautiful was She
That I could barely breathe her name
Reflective of the one fine day we met


I stepped betwixt the nestled twigs
And all the while, my eyes were fixed
Upon the prize of aeons in reprisal
We sat upon the bench and kissed each whisper of the longing mist
Prolonging this long preordained arrival
The tidal whims of dreamers seen anew
Through eyes of morrows bloomed
A waltz resumed
From ashes scattered
Every moon her lashes batted
Fashioning the fabric of our enigmatic dream


Forever and a day now
I was kept
Thus, I bled a deeper shade of me than ever I had wept
How beautiful was She
That I could barely breathe her name
As deep in the Elysion I leapt






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. Oh, My Wild Artist Brave, this is one of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever read. It shall be read again and again and again. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us. <3

    1. My Monarch Butterfly, thank you. For recognizing as beauty that which bleeds from my deepest essence. It is all I am. It is passionate, wild and brave – three characteristics I wish to translate into prose that touches all five senses, in turn. If I can do that, then I am at the greatest peace. Verses such as Elysion are channeled from my very deepest dreams and almost feel as though I am ghost writing for other souls. It’s an exceptionally powerful transaction as I know you will be aware, as a true artist. Having an imagination friend such as you empowers me to delve into my subconscious and release what is pent-up there. I am eternally blessed by such purity.

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