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Tree Star Moon “Falling”






I am me
And can only be me
I believe
And can only believe
I can see
Through the eye deep inside me
I can feel
With the heart beating wildly
I can love
And be loved in return
I feel blessed by each lesson, in turn
I am me
Can be no other way
I’m a tree
In the wild, standing brave


I hurt sometimes
I cry sometimes
Sometimes I feel alone
Even in a crowded room
I can be on my own
Sometimes it can seem like I’m so far away from home
Others I am right where I can reap the seeds we sow
In even flow
Love is the essence my soul lends address with
See me true and you will never once need to request it
Even if you don’t
This is your view and I respect it
Quietly I’ll love you at safe range


No games to play
For I am who I say
Pure love is simply my way to convey
No condition to this gift
Even if our pathway splits
It will always be my wish
To see you soar
I’m a Lion
Hear me roar
Of kindly face
Of mighty brave
And if you asked
I have to say
I wouldn’t have it any other way


Am I flawless?
Heavens no!
Not to say that I am broken
But I know my imperfections, one and all
However, I never endeavour to hide them
For they are my leather clad shield and my trident
I cannot change to suit the expectations of the many
But I can change the world for chosen few
Friendship is the key
The only kindness shaped as tree
The only tideless, shapeless sea
I wish to sail
I love through art
Such is the nature of a beast who dares to dream
To find my destined friends
And see them paddle in the streams


The river is the soul, you see
My secret no longer to keep
It lives and it breathes
It ebbs and it flows
With a dash of belief
It relentlessly grows
Even with a bloody nose
It offers up a sleeve
For destined friends will not see us alone
It matters not how oft we speak
True friends do not place limitations
True friends need no great expectations
To delight in surprises
Reprise fading hope
That the air that we breathe need not choke


If I say I am your friend
Then on this please depend
If I love at the commencement
I shall do the same reflective come the end
Even those who claim themselves my enemies
Are friends to me
For while hate may be fated to some
I negate it in favour of waiting for destiny to come
Life is not a race to run
And clock up fastest time
Life, like love, can stay and play
When from death’s thread unspun
It is never too late
To place smile on the face of but one soul whose glow shows they’re never faraway
And we are never quite alone


I can change
Have the capacity for such
Reflect daily on each stone I choose to touch
If pain outweighs the gain
Then I may smile and say “enough”
But that will never change the way I love
Friends can come into our lives at any given moment
Some of them will leave the way they came
Give me feeling over numbness, I will freely own it
Even if it hurts along the way


Be my friend
To no predestined end
And I shall be yours
Just the same
Nothing make pretend
And no agenda to offend at later date
Only good things come to those who wait
If only I am seen true all the way
Then I can see no boundaries to what friendship translates
Pure and simple
No great science
Nothing fitful
Clear as crystalline when loyalty outreaches pitfall
Thus, I motion the acquittal of dreams long imprisoned
And smile my widest smile
When saddled up to straddle schism
Light and shadow
Need not seek division
I wish to empower the dreamers to dream
If only to share the sweet vision


I am me
And can only be me
Nothing to condone
For while I may be far from perfect
I’m protective of this weathered heart of mine
For every tether bled, I wed fresh hope to growing seedlings
The pain is okay
For the gain is so great
I can barely control anticipation to state
That we can learn to play within the shadows in our wake


The brain is a marvellous piece of equipment
The heart beats anew when resumed of its rhythm
The soul is a mystery
For us to blow a kiss or three
To see it catch a dream and make it large enough to be
I am me
And can only be me
In the wild, of gladsome faith
I’m a tree
And I recline beneath the shade of all I see
I’m a lion hearted brave
That’s just me





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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