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Portishead “Wandering Star”

I see you
Know well what you’ve been through
That life has been unkind
The pain to which you’ve been resigned
The thoughts that stew
Aware that there are times when it appears you’re on your own
When no one person cares enough to show
I know because I’ve been there
Barely had the strength to leave there
And to be fair
I was better off alone

Only I could break the code
Run in safe mode
Power down
Re-engage the slave nodes
Long since railroaded
Southward bound
My screams rang true when sounded out
While demons knew I’d found them out
Their narrowed views
My shadowed doubt
Were fused and duly canceled out
Truly I could empathize
With every cry I memorized
The dry eyes life desensitized
Then filled and spilled exemplifying
Will to see their stems arise
Revealing petals sensualized
Feelings compartmentalized
Sincerely kept
Thence testified
My great desire to death defy
No space or time for best of fives
Too much at stake
Contested by the flames of pains intensified
To entertain an end
In no way specified as meant for me
From Hell
Had made it back again

I see you
And respectfully request
You do the same
Know well you’ve been tested
To the nth degree by fate
Yet destiny my friend
No less awaits
Aware that there are days when it appears you’re off the pace
I know because I’ve been there
Out of sight and mind and range
To be fair
I fared better left alone
To find my centre
Prepare for my next quest to the unknown
This time stood aside my pride
With lionheart exemplifying
Will to see each treasure guided home
And the irony?
We’re never quite alone.

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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