Lady of The Night




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she was liquid
in my eyes
her calves akin to lava lamps
and my delight was amplified
to see her walk in heels so high
the fiery height of passion climbed
to burn between her thighs
she was liquid
in my eyes
and hers a meteoric rise


every step she placed
each breath she traced
o, how i yearned to learn
the fertile fragrance of her flower
uncross her legs
collect the honeyed nectar of her bud
to taste her at the height of season
brave the tidal flood released and drench myself in waves of she
howbeit, disinclined was i to acting out disgracefully


as she turned to face me
any swelter felt was laced with graceful breeze
evidently lady
for i felt acclaimed to kneel before her dainty feet
and celebrate the tasteful air of she
kiss them with the lips she kissed so
simply by existing
simply by persisting
when the flame appeared to flicker
simply by resisting urge to further purge the light when hers grew dimmer


as she turned to face me
i conferred the faintest shiver
a pool of liquid serpents slithered
through each vein to nerve delivered
on the banks
astride the river
teasing crimson waters to fruition
not a single thought towards refusing me permission
for hers was not road to perdition
hers was every hope commissioned
hers were open lips that glistened
hers the sweetest proposition


as she took up her position in my arms
she was liquid
in my eyes
could feel her rush between my thighs
the vaguest touch
and i’d have died
such was the meteoric rise
as i exhaled my parting breath
and simply sighed
my delight was amplified
the fiery height of passion climbed
to see her wings unfurl
in raptured flight
for she epitomized desire
the lady of the night






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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