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Treat every word
as though it were a butterfly
Open both palms wide and let it suddenly fill up the sky
Its gossamer wings can sing a song divine of melody
Across Sierra Madre hills
Both wilful and togetherly
In heavenly duet with every ancestor protected by perennial siesta
Blessed anew
Treat every word
as request to resume
the adventure that leads to most temperate view


Feel at peace
While releasing
Each piece of your heart
Should you speak through your art
Then exist worlds apart
From the burden of harm
Feel it further in calm
To defer the alarm
And breathe charmed
Each leaf of you seeping to parchment imparts an impression of essence no less than unique
The oyamel trees
Dress a rainbow afleet
as the autumn leaves cluster
to brave gales of bluster
through hail of discovering breeze


All souls day
Foreseen through the eyes of migration
Taking strides to define liberation through flight
Innovative reprise
of a native desire
for creative inspire
Every flame is a fire
Each ember remembered
Whence famed to rise higher
Embraced by awakening tide


Treat every word
as though geyser
and gush through the blushing eruption of natured production
Something old
Something new
Something borrowed, blue or fancy
Something rooted in the earth or deep in hearth of necromancy
Find a clearing where your words can cling
to every tree revealing
You are going to be okay
For you are feeling
It is here
Where all souls play
That we are healing






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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