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Hit-Girl (Mindy McCready ) from the Kick-Ass: The Dave Lizewski Years comic series published by Marvel/Image Comics. Created by artist John Romita Jr. and writer Mark Millar.  Image of Chloe Grace Moretz from Kick Ass (2010) directed by Matthew Vaughn




Paul McCartney and Wings – Magneto And Titanium Man

An actual fan of Marvel comics.




What does it take to be a true superhero? Intriguing thought.

Frontline military, emergency services, medical personnel and the often overlooked end of life services. These people don’t have amazing origin stories to tell because it’s in their blood. They are born heroes and instinctively know how to be heroes by subconscious default hence their choice of risk-taking careers.

From Wow Comics in 1941 to the more recent Image Comics in 1992, many a hero for the imaginative child to dream about becoming one day but they’re not real. Fictional characters often based on mythology and parapsychology. We could do with a fair amount of caper crusaders and super powers upon the world but if you look hard enough, they’re there. Not stood atop skyscrapers with arms folded or hands on hips in “try me” determination. Nor plastered on billboards or public transport advertisements. They live regular lives and are usually never in receipt of a second glance from the public eye. Unless they’re one of the what-happened-to-your-whatever people who lurch, limp or wheel on by.

The real heroes of life are those who have overcome adversity, severe illnesses and life challenging psychological and physical assaults. Struck by an Always Coca Cola truck suffering a won’t-walk-again barrage of injuries. Months pass and each line, tracheotomy tube and catheter are removed in a fretting family’s miracle. Eventually talking, continent and walking. Enduring devastating injuries and experiences, healing slowly over time… the origin story of a true hero with no epic award-grabbing film to sing their praises. No cosplay, comics or Funko Pop collectibles. Cancers, disease, catastrophic injuries, psychological traumas, survivors of cruelty, torture, abuse, neglect. The list is endless. Their inner strength and surge of humble victory cannot be translated onto comic book panels.

Then there are those who have been bullied at home, at school, in the workplace and more. They subconsciously  hold shields before themselves and try their best to pursue their determination to succeed. The antagonist are the ones who are victims too and later in life they realise. People often take each others’ insecurities out upon one another as they are both mutually in need of calm. Drop your weapons and seek serenity. Both ending up heroes of self calm. Welcoming each other with open arms and feeling a freedom akin to rescued battery farm hens.

Be your own hero. Celebrate your survival and ponder the wonderful gift of life.







Sharon Lawson





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  1. Thank you so much dearest friend for your response. Although harsh at first, it is downright pathetic to be attacked by deaf and dumb snakes. Muting, blocking.. that’s all you can do then try to heal from these backfiring exhausts. Absolutely focus on the good which far overwrites the smouldering heap of manure!!

    I and we see and hear you from the ventricles of our hearts, always know that if grey clouds form.

  2. You are a true superhero, Sharon Lawson. The above piece of literature is testament to such. Superheroes are all around us and this life-enriching introspective write reminds us of that. I love the way your brain scatters seed across the page, always feeding memories of our childhoods or thoughts long unthought. And the closing line is perfection, stays with us, nestles under our skin and applies the balm to our wounds. Keep dazzling Mighty One.

    1. Truly humbled, thank you. The current climate made me ponder the thought plus people like your wonderful dad and my grandad who was a coal miner propping up the coal face after it was blasted. I always end up regressing but guess it’s my style. I’m so happy this one made you feel good… despite random pondering poultry at bottom just to add a strange moment!

      1. I adore the random pondering poultry. Anything else just wouldn’t be free range. Such is like a trademark and every superhero needs a trademark. For you, it just happens to have feathers and drops eggs from its back ones. You’ll always be a superhero to me. As the world is a better place for having you in it.

    2. I’ll try to Lion and thank you so much for this precious response, means so much and keeps me encouraged to continue exploring more subjects. The sun is shining upon us both lately 💕

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