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Gillian Gerardo “Don’t Let Go”





The satsumas were strewn across tangerine dreams
I assume they were there to declare fruitful reap
While mangos danced tangos in hearty fandango
So far from home yet only halfway from canto
The cantaloupes sloped to provoke finger limes
With clementines the darling hosts with most to toast and prize


Wildflowers showered affectionate petals
That kissed to tell tall tales of petulent nettles
Ladybugs hugged the tall grass as they passed over cloverleaves briefly to please
The centipedes eventually remembered where they’re meant to be
Suggestively the millipedes agreed
Dragonflies romanticized the sight of termites teasing
Gratifying seedlings


Drunken monkeys hung from trees by sun kissed knees
Poking fun at the breeze
With tongues in their cheeks
As they sung to appease all the diva hyenas beneath them
And the camel with the bandaged toe made no attempt to hide
The razzle known to dazzle in its lengthy mannered stride
Baffled where the badgers
While the beavers deemed it heedless to proceed and go for broke when gophers choked on leafless oak bequeathed
Provoking sleepless sloths to moan like goths
The ostriches were furious
And curiously keen to go full emu on the lemurs while the harmless llamas leaned


Mother nature nurtured every wildflower foreseen
Empowered planet earth to intervene
And while her methods may have been a little bit extreme
She certainly knew how to throw a party






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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