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you have been through so much
never asked for the crutch
that corrupted the world at your feet
your luminous flux is a thing of great beauty
therefore i proclaim it my unrestrained duty
reminding the light in your eyes to recline in the shade of the faraway tree
maybe play in the marmalade leaves
take the weight off your wild and brave feet
feel elated to finally be


you have suffered great loss
and this cross you bear kindly
losing a loved one is ever untimely
smiling at sorrow
you do so politely
precisely the way you’re inclined to behave
with reliable grace
and a pliable waist
that embraces the lace
as your fingertips trace
every indiscreet graze of your frame
healing with feeling
scar tissue revealed
for each pain is abrasive permission to feel


you have spilled out a river of bittersweet tears
each as sincere as the last
regret for the most part has passed
forgiveness no longer evades your pained heart
the lark and the owl
come and go in this place
night proposes to day
in its own unique way
in your eyes wild and brave
lives the light and the shade
to ignite inner flame
realign mirror frame
and delight in the way your face changes
as you smile at your guardian angels






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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    1. What a beautiful thing to say V. And I just logged in to see them, thus my day is off to a stellar start. Thank you for your belief in me and for your kindness towards my art. It means so much. <3

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