Truth Behind The Pines

Featured art by Mario Sánchez Nevado

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Emancipator, Rena Jones & Flowerpulse “The Sleeping Princess Stares”

i cannot tell a lie
there is a reason i delight
there is a reason why my eyes dress blessèd smile
there is a reason why they shine
each time the skies impress a scene
as i recline upon the mezzanine
treasure theme confiding of the edifying truth behind the pines

there is no use to blind denial
too obtuse my presence idle
when the truth is i remember each recital
as i hark back to bygone cycles
no spared thought is ever frightful
and should court be held in session
then i’m guilty by confession
never less than evanescing
been that way since first impression
yet no one earthly possession
can prevent me acquiescing to the shedding of my skin each time i sleep

within the flesh i bid retreat
for o, so many silver moons
playing hide and seek in bleakened rooms bereft of view
the floorboards creaked beneath my heels
thus my position was revealed
a fate long waiting set to seal
a life abating less i feel
the pain was greater than the shadowing my darkened shades concealed
my faith was shaken
something stirred
and i felt curtained by the kill
thought that, for certain, blood would spill
yet dressed no burden as i knelt
no need for desperate appeal
for every nerve and fibre felt

i cannot tell a lie
there was a reason my eyes welled
there was a reason tears were shed
through all four changing seasons bled
there is a reason they now dress a blessèd smile
proceed bereft of tensive rile
for i am nowise in denial of edifying truth behind the pines

each time i slumber in my bed
i head where angels fear to tread
and every single teardrop wept
bids testify with faith, in kind
knew there was a reason why the stars refuse to die
knew there was a reason i hark back to bygone cycles
knew there was a reason why i feel obliged to beautify
why duty lies in each sweeping recital
i cannot tell a lie
such would be frightfully amiss
for every tale of blessèd salt possesses twist

and if i may be quite so bold
then i already have and hold
the very truth behind the pines
behind my eyes
come and read my lips
for every last artistic stroke
is whispered kiss of goods bespoke
within these woods
i live in hope
that we will tread the founts of bliss
in lifted tone
if but one soul can make way
to the only place that ever felt like home
then mine is one of very many thrones
love is action
love is traction
fires burn bright whence lips be ashen
inspiration main attraction
famed of name and flamed of passion
herein lies the truth behind blind eyes
the universe we seek, we keep inside
i cannot tell a lie
it has been here the entire time
the stars just take a little while to shine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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