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On tip-toe
She trotted
Through dandelions
dotted . . .
Her leopard print spotted to please
With a pocketful of honey
Extra runny
And a sunny disposition
As she nodded to the bees


Queens were very rarely seen
So far away from home
Yet, hers was sweet exception
As she wore her wings as necklace
And this pendant whispered hope into her glowing solar plexus
While the nexus of her breathless keen
Was seen to seat the throne
Of every seedling interweaving with her own


The cheetahs felt defeated as she sat back in her zone
So she treated them to pizza and then hailed a black cab home
While they ran upon the meter
Under general anaesthesia
Their ten inch margarita went stone cold


No eyes too brave
No gaze too bold
No wild child tamed
Just streets paved gold
None of which impinged her stride
For silver were her wings of flight
Precious few had tried to match her wingspan or to withstand the relentless slide of quicksand to her right


Left to own devices
She would don a host of guises
Make the most of such variety
Of binary devices
While society misguided the majority in crisis
She felt honorably meshed to fresh horizons


On tip-toe
She trotted
To the most remote old cottage in the vale
And every time the windmill passed she danced atop the sail
Then dove into a bail of hay
To find the needle straight away
Claim victory sweet from the jaws of defeat
And sing an easy ditty of the pretty wheat and grain


Her space had been alloted
Through the dandelions dotted …
And she spotted then a clearing
Ever nearing her amaze
The hedge maze had her at sixes and sevens
My heavens, it made her quite dizzy
But what would life be if not playfully twee
In elation of virulent whimsy
And the trident she wielded
Was silently yielded
From diamonds far fielded that gleamed
All in one stride of a wild child so bright
She made faeries maître d’s
And dared to dream






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. This is now among my favorites. Oh, My Brave, I love this piece. It is the perfect kind of delightful, and it touches my soul. As always, I thank you for sharing your gift with us. You are treasure. <3

  2. Magical, i love these types of works and the accompanying photography is perfect.

    However… the imp in me is laughing at this:

    Under general anaesthesia Their ten inch margarita went stone cold

    And laughter is my medication. Thank you Lion ❤

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