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Dark Dark Dark “Wild Go”






I am a poem
Disguised as a man
While I live and I breathe
I am some way unique
In that dreams are foreseen
In the palm of my hand


Last seen halfway to damned
On my knees to withstand
The relentless landslide of a mind’s eye unmanned
I unhanded the demons who’d seen me disband
From the rest of my breed
In suggestion obscene
I was deemed some way less than a man


Over many years spanned
I negated to feel
Understated a smile
Unobliged to reveal
As I peeled back the flesh long unmeshed from my bones
I felt less of a man
More a venturing soul


I felt blessed then to glow
Stood abreast of my quill
In this state of undress
I pressed down on its heel
From its tip
I impressed upon dead sea scroll
Spilled the address of sequester to feel


That bled from my person
Felt wretched
Most certain to hurt as it curtly confided
The truth of the matter and ruefully spattered the gloom of a hatter derided


I was madder than frogs in a box
As I clamored to see my parameters aptly outfoxed
Free of habit
Unlocked from the deadbolt of gloom
That had mused upon cropped sight’s foreclosure
Reaching deep into essence
With parted lips breathless
To grant its keen presence exposure


I am a poem
Disguised as a man
While I live and I breathe
I am some way retrieved
From the dreams long foreseen
In the palm of my hand


Last seen in an atrium grand
While awaiting the hand of more graceful persuasion
This tasteful occasion
My faithful arrangement
Of every childlike recreation foreplanned
While each flame I had fanned
Over many years spanned
Was ablaze at foundation
Narrated to stand


I felt more of a man
Stood abreast of my quill
As my dead skin had landed
To redress my will
I felt blessed to reveal essence bled from the source
Far more of upstanding
Way less in remorse


Mine had been branded a desperate course
And this bested my fortunate landing
As I leapt in the chasm
The phantasm brightened
Undressed to my heels
I requested they heighten
Disguised as a man
Yet my vesture no tighten impressed as I swept through recital
Vital the fluids
Of ruin’s unbind
From the demons that crept through each nightfall


I am a poem
Disguised as a man
While I live and I breathe
I distinctly believe
There’s a dream to be dreamed
In the palm of our hands






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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