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Shinnobu “Only By Love”





I bow to the divine in you
And each true colour shining through
For every shade and hue reveals
A piece of you
No thief could steal


Even when my heart stands still
I feel you beat within it
It climbs atop the peak
For every time you sneak a visit
Each night
The floorboards creak
They speak your name
And I am bound to the persuasion of the feeling this elicits
For such fine beauty
Mine is duty far outreaching civic
My sweetest dream’s forever scene has never been more vivid


No need to take my heart
When I am well at ease to give it
No need to cast a spell
To tell my lips
To breathe infinitely
My flesh veil need not limit me
When thine is a more blessèd trail
No need to use my eyes to see
Beyond the pale advice to seek


Would sooner speak
In silent tongue
Than see your dreams in strife among
Would rather die
Than testify no sight of where my life begun


My death day
As had been foretold
As I recall
The air was cold
The mist was thick
My eyes had dulled
The candle down to wick
Yet, I felt amplified and lifted
Needed to be gifted one thing mystic, charmed and true
That one thing
In a psalm
My love
Is you


I bow to the divine in you
And every sweeping vine of you
That feeds my heart’s reclining root
The seeds of truth
For every piece of you that spills
My arteries are seen to fill
No thief could steal
A masterpiece
Defeat the will defining you


And as for me
I’m merely keen to set the scene providing dues
Reminding you
That you are seen
As mystic, ever charmed and true
Some way from lost
When found anew
No faith betossed
On grounds of rue
Shall never stop
Renowning you
Shall never cease belief
That every piece of you
Is piece of me
And I would give my last
To see you breathe

Yours both dearly and sincerely





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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