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Deep in the centrifugal forces of Venus, a young monkey slept, eyelids of Athena. Tantric young
thing he was the priest of the tightrope his favourite food was a butterfly’s egg yolk.


But on Venus no butterfly eggs could be found so he started one morning leaving her midway round.
He skirted the stars, shot through a great nebula, arced through ancient arteries, flesh of the great


Along primordial rivers of dust he scented, a vine of a smell, its green finger beckoned him. Like the
flesh of a fruit pulsating with honey it reminded him of being breastfed by his mummy!


His breath began racing, his stellar eyes glazing, all through the ways of the Pleiades he skated. Over
endless horizons and spans of space dividing, a jewel of a place lay inviting. Her eyes azure blue and
trusting. Her breasts held the secrets of life unharvested, the star on her forehead revealed her a
goddess, his monkey nose sniffed at her wetness.


He dived into her skin, undivided he glided through valleys and glades, unfurling ferns and undoing
braids, he plaited her hair and swum, in her naval places.


Accustomed to nothing but sunshine and swimming, our monkey soon found the thing he was
missing. Within the skin of his goddess clinging to a slim stem, he found his cuisine within the eggs of
a flying thing.


He swallowed them one by one so delighted, unfurling their taste on his tongue like child, their
juices made him feel, philosophical, and wild!


Alone in a glade the young monkey meditates. The sun on his skin shines back unafraid. A wise thing
he now is and his smile reflects this. He grins, remembering the far stars that bred him….



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