The Mirror




Split in the mirror by AspectusFuturus on DeviantArt



Suggested audio: All Mirrors by Angel Olsen






I’m having that dream again


Filthy glass encased in

An art nouveau prison

Hairline fracture and

A curiously large shard missing

Army green eyes aim their crosshairs

At target completely unknown

I reach out with cautious hands

To gently wipe away the

Blue turned to grey

Frustrated at the deep dirt

I strike the mirror with my palm

A hairline crack creeps downwards

Nothing works

The glass insists on teasing me

I punch it causing it to shatter


Another crack

Another shard falls


I wake up with a start

Art nouveau frame hugs a

Gleaming mirror basking

In the new day’s sunlight

Birds distant song and the

Whisper of the trees

Soothe my already calm mind

The glass is clear

No cracks

Or gash inducing shards

Oh weary dreams how

You taunt me with opaque nonsense

What are you insistent on revealing

Suddenly it becomes clear

Like the glass in my real-time view

My videogame discs are

Scattered around like shards

Scratched as though cracked


Need to be cleaned and

Placed in the safety of their cases





Sharon Lawson





© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™



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